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Chard House Dental PracticeChard House Dental Practice
2.9 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Ian SewardIan Seward

Registered with them. After last filling the teeth would not bite on the right hand side as the filling sat too high. See how it settles.
Finally, severe toothache under the filling, including bouts of extreme pain. Of course, that was a friday evening. So a weekend if not eating properly. First thing Monday I try for an emergency appointment. Response from chard house, we are here to help. So we can give you an appointment Tuesday afternoon. Prolonging the agony another 30 hours.
If you want an emergency appointment you will need something worse than eye watering pains that make you scream as well as a worrying earache.

Jim LobleyJim Lobley

I've had similar experiences: appointments cancelled at short notice (e.g. 2 working days), telephone calls unanswered, emails ignored. For good measure, hygienist cost has increased from £114 per hour in 2017 to £144 per hour this year, a massive increase of 26%, thus prohibitively expensive. I should mention the practice manager swiftly rang with profuse apologies for "lack of communication" after I grumbled at reception.

Karen WildeKaren Wilde

Appointment with hygeinest, not looking forward to it 😐 but was pleasantly surprised 😁 won't leave it so long next time great job done thank you 😀

Katie SmithKatie Smith

Ridiculous customer service. Could not contact them through phone or email when needing to change an appointment. when it was changed through email it was months away.

Catherine RossiterCatherine Rossiter

Have had my dental appointment cancelled now 3 times and now i have to wait from June 22nd yet again until July 16th as only 2 dentists working not a happy bunny at all .. things must change if they want patients to remain on their books .. when i call they keep me on hold as attending other patients ..

Ray PhillipsRay Phillips

I don't like the way they treat you if you make a mistake on a form then correct it,I corrected a mistake and then got a letter saying I owe £209.10 I am hopefully going to get this sorted but wouldn't recommend

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Hayley DaviesHayley Davies

Anna is a very caring, understanding Dentist! She has reassured me at every visit and I am starting to feel less anxious every time. I have been described as a dental phobic due to a childhood trauma, Anna is easing that massively!

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Donna LouiseDonna Louise

Highly recommended great service wouldn’t go anywhere else !!

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Natalie LarcombeNatalie Larcombe

Need more staff 3 months to wait to see dentist for a consultation when you have already told them what's wrong prior then to need to wait further 3 months for a filling!!

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Amy BanfieldAmy Banfield

Amazing dentists and a lovely environment. Happy ��

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Julie BishopJulie Bishop

Not great with dentists but find one I like and then find out he's leaving next week ��

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Tracey ClarkeTracey Clarke
Sharon GrinterSharon Grinter

Always a great service when I have been here

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Barry HobbsBarry Hobbs
Carly LorraineCarly Lorraine
Annabelle Collins-BallandsAnnabelle Collins-Ballands

Amazing team, lovely staff and very welcoming and calming dentist! Good experience 🙂

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Danni StoneDanni Stone
Amie CroucherAmie Croucher

Great practice and always makes me feel at ease.

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